The College has a well managed, well stocked, and fully computerized central library having more than 15500 collections of text and reference books. Latest publications in the field of Economics, Education, Political Science, History, Philosophy, Literature, Commerce, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Biology, Statistics etc. are continuously added to the collection. Besides books, the Library also subscribes to a good number of periodicals and research journals pertaining to different subjects taught in the college. Popular magazines, various daily and weekly regional & national newspapers etc are also available in the reading room of the library. It also has a humble collection of digital resources in the form of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM.

The entire collections of the library have been converted in to machine readable form using a sophisticated library management software SOUL 2.0, developed by the INFLIBNET Centre, an autonomous body of the UGC. The library is fully automated providing various housekeeping services to the users using computers such as automated issue & return of Books, access to online catalogues (OPAC), information retrieval using Boolean search operators, author, title, subject searching, database searching, bibliographic services, access to serial database etc. Besides, the library also provides Internet facility over a number of networked computers through LAN to the users of the library for accessing various learning resources on Internet.

The library has the facility to access various online e-resources through a UGC sponsored consortia viz. N-LIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content). Users of our library can access more than 3,500 online e-journals, more than 74,000 e-books covering a wide range of subjects in the field of social science, humanity etc. The library has also developed a digital library (Institutional Repository) using DSpace where institutional publications as well as previous question papers of GU are digitised and made available for use by the students & faculty members of the college.

The library also maintains a Book Bank Cell which has text book for the benefits of students belonging to economically weaker sections of the society. These books are issued for a full session to the bonafide students of the college. The library is also organizing user orientation programme for the freshers in order to make them familiar into the library systems and procedures.

Library Timing:

Library remains open Monday to Saturday 9-30 AM to 5-00 PM

Book Issuing Hours Monday to Saturday 10-30 AM to 2-30 PM

Library Administration:

There is a Library Advisory Committee which is formed as per the guidelines of the Director of Higher Education, Assam. Present formation of the Committee as per guidelines is:

Chairperson : Principal : Dr.D.Nath

Member Secretary : Librarian : Dr.D.Das

Members : Bullet1   Vice-Principal : Dr.N.Kalita

                 Bullet1  One Member from Teachers: Dr.B.Baishya

The library committee extends advice and suggests new ideas to librarian from time to time for the improvement of the library facilities and services. Library matters are discussed and approved in the Library Committee meeting before implementation.

Library Facilities:

S.B.Deorah College Library provides following facilities and services for the benefit of the students and faculty members of the college:

Bullet1  On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) facility
Bullet1  Automated circulation of book facility
Bullet1  Access to online e-resources viz. e-books, e-journals through N-LIST consortia of INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad.
Bullet1  Collection of multiple copies of text and other recommended books of the Arts and Commerce courses offered in the college.
Bullet1  A good collection of reference books such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, etc. including various subject reference books of economics, political science, education, social science, history, philosophy, English and assamese are available.
Bullet1  Selected Research Journals (printed), popular magazines and newspapers etc. are available in the reading room.
Bullet1  Separate Bound Periodical Section
Bullet1  Books for leisure reading such as fictions, biographies, short stories etc. and competitive examination related books are available for the students
Bullet1  Free Internet browsing facility is available for the students.
Bullet1  Photocopying facility for all.
Bullet1  Outside readers can use the library with due permission from the librarian.