Other Rules


  • Unit Test and Annual Examination for HS Class

Unit test of 25 marks in each subject (for higher secondary students) will be held at the interval of every two months. Students failing to appear in the unit test without a valid reason will have to pay a penalty fine to be fixed by the authority. Annual examination for HS 1st year is held during Feb-March 2014. Examinees failing in the annual examination will have to take readmission in the HS 1st year. Pass marks as laid down by the AHSEC will be taken as standard for promotion in the HS 2nd year class.

  • Sessional Examinations

Two Sessional examinations per semester of the TDC (Arts and Commerce) course will be held as per the guidelines of the Gauhati University. For dates of sessional examinations, students are advised to go through the academic calendar. Marks of the internal assessment of TDC course students will be decided on the basis of their regularity and performance in the sessional examinations. A student not appearing in sessional examination shall be deemed to have scored “ZERO” in that examination.

  • Discollegiate

Students declared as discollegiate will be debarred from appearing sessional and university examination. Readmission of unsuccessful students will be governed by ‘’College Admission Rule’’.

  • Expulsion

Gauhati University and AHSEC rules will be followed for the students who expelled from the examinations of GU and AHSEC


1. Travelling Concession

The students of the college are entitled for railway concession to travel home and back during vacations and also for travelling on academic tours conducted by the college. They are also eligible for travelling concession when they are required to travel in connection with any college activities.

2. Renewal of College Identity Card

College identity cards are issued to the students for the period of one academic year. After the expiry of the identity card, students are required to collect a new identity card from the office of the Principal.

3. Renewal of Admission

Students promoted to H.S 2nd Year; TDC (III& IV Semester) & TDC (V& VI Semester) classes as per the results declared by the AHSEC and Gauhati University shall have to deposit College Admission Fees at the college office counter within 10 days from the date of declaration of result. The exactdate of admission is to be notified by the Principal in due course of time. These promoted students must have to collect their new identity card to be issued by the Principal.

4. Admission of Unsuccessful Students

  • HS 1st year and TDC (1st & 2nd Semester) students failed/detained in the pre-final unit test/sessional examination or declared as discollegiate are to apply fresh for admission in the same class.
  • Students failed/detained at the pre final unit test/sessional examinations of HS 2nd year and TDC (3rd &4th Semester) & TDC (5th & 6th Semester) classes or declared as discollegiate, will have to be re-admitted in the respective classes as regular students. They have to attend classes regularly and also to appear in the pre-final unit test/sessional examinations again.
  • Unsuccessful students of TDC (1st & 2nd Semester) & TDC(3rd & 4th Semester) examinations of Gauhati University appeared from this college shall have to enrol their names as regular students of TDC (3rd&4th Semester) and TDC (5th & 6th Semester)classes respectively as and when notified by the college authority.
  • Unsuccessful students of HS final examination of AHSEC and TDC (6th Semester) Examination of Gauhati University appeared from this college shall have to enrol their names as casual students of HS 2ndYear and TDC (6th Semester)classes respectively as and when notified by the college authority.

5. Computer Diploma Certificate

Computer Diploma Certificate will be provided to the successful students of the college. This certificate is to bejointly signed by the Principal and the Director, iFuture Computer Education, our business partner of the computer diploma course.

6. Girls’ Hostel Facility & Rules

The S.B.Deorah College Women’s Hostel is situated within the college campus. The hostel is a 3 storeyed R.C.C. building with residential complex for the Hostel Superintendent and the support staff. At present the hostel accommodates 30 boarders who are given admission strictly on merit. Conduct in the hostel is governed by the College Hostel Rules.

7. Scholarship & Incentives

Besides the scholarship provided by the State Government, the college authority has also announced some new schemes of scholarship for the students from the academic session 2003-04. The Ex-President of Governing Body, Late Pratap Ch. Deka had provided two scholarships in the name of his late wife Kunjalata Deka to be given to the students, who secure the highest marks in TDC and H.S. Final Examination. Moreover, the college authority also provides scholarships to the students who secure 55% or more mark in the Major Courses of the TDC – I, TDC – II, and TDC – III year examination and also for the students of General Course who secure 1st Division in the TDC Final Examination.

9. Issue of Pass Certificate

Provisional pass certificate is to be issued to the students who passed higher secondary and Gauhati University final examinations.