Students Activity

College Magazine

The “UDIAN’’ is the annual magazine of the S.B.Deorah College family which provides scope to every Deorian to express their literal & cultural aspirations. It is edited, designed and managed by the Deorian under the supervision of an experienced senior Teacher.

Union Body Election

The S.B.Deorah College Students Union is the General Body of the students of the college. Its function is subject to the guidance and control of the college authority. Its membership is compulsory for every Deorian. Its office bearers are elected annually. The election is conducted as per direction of Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations. Students of Final Year classes are not allowed to contest the election.

Excursion and Educational Tour

Various Departments of the College organize educational tours with a view to expose our students with cultures, history, geography, and also to familiarize them with the flora and fauna of the country. Besides, educational excursion is also conducted to the place of historical importance outside the state of Assam.